• Welcome to Sunclipa eyewear:

  • A unique design and unique anti-glare performance

  • Comfortable and virtually eliminates glare from bright sunlight.

Sunclipa combines a shade and filter to give the wearer optimum comfort and prevent temporary blinding (see the video above)

For Sunclipa driver and cycling versions the aperture size is made just wide enough to allow a clear view of overhead road signs.

All filters are UV400 certified and are typically anti-reflection coated on the inside surface.

The supplied clip-in prescription frames should be glazed by a certified optician.

Let there be light (but not in my eyes!)

Tony is formally educated in optical design and works with Sandra from a small office in Leicester, UK (where the concluding story of Richard III unfolded). The duo, with help from other extraordinary engineers, work on a developing  all types of devices particularly ones that promote safety. Everyday working day is interesting enough but the most satisfying thing is when an idea originally conceived for one purpose, morphs into a device for another use.  For example, sunclipa has progressed to an anti-blinding device for enhancing car driver safety (and for the passengers) even though its life began as anti-glare  eyewear for tennis players.

Sunclipa performance review by Chris Knight , international eyewear industry expert


Chris Knight

Eyewear Industry Consultant

Drove into Harrogate to get my first vax dose this morning. Very sunny weather so I gave your product a road test. I have to say I am surprised how well it works and how comfortable it is to use, both visually and on the face. It's like having additional sunvisors in the car, especially when sunlight is streaming in through the front driver or passenger window. So, I am a fan of your system and invention.

Charles Greenan

Managing director. Balmoral executive car Hire, Croydon

Thanks for providing me with a sample of your anti-blinding eyewear. I have tried it and found it to be very useful in reducing sun glare. I much prefer it to the sunglasses I normally wear in sunny conditions. As well as the comfort and style my prestige car hire company provides to the public, the safety of our passengers is paramount so I will certainly be purchasing a production devices for myself and for my pool of qualified chauffeurs.

David Heath

Commercial Driver

I have been driving vans and trucks long distance for many years. I can honestly say that I found Sunclipa very comfortable and great at blocking out bright sunlight. I also like the fact that Sunclipa adjusts up or down which allows me to select the level of blocking that suits me.

Mike le camp

Truck Driver, New South Wales, Australia

Hey Tony, yes I have tried your glasses and love them. I have a few guys trying them also and so far they like them as well. Everyone has been asking if these glasses are good to use as a safety glasses because some job sites require us to use safety equipment.

Kevin Claxton

Calbike, California USA

Hey Tony, Great feel while wearing, lightweight and no pressure points on bridge of nose or behind the ears Lenses - for my preference, the gray polarized lens was very nice. I often feel that some sunglasses obstruct my ability to properly read road conditions, and the gray polarized with the fade was perfect for my use.