About Sunclipa

Sunclipa is the baby of a small family company with big ideas and big dreams.  The founder, Tony messiou, has a background in optical design and has worked on general optics design, contact lens technology and virtual reality glasses design. He is also a keen amateur tennis player and first got the idea for Sunclipa when playing tennis.  After suffering with poor results for many years when serving and playing high shots in the sun the idea for Sunclipa germinated.

Not one for wearing suncaps or dark tint sunglasses, Tony realised there could be an alternative solution in the form of  a wrap-around shade, worn close to the eye.  After an initial design phase and successful prototype trials a fellow tennis player kept Sunclipa on when driving home and found they worked well in blocking  both overhead and sideways glare. Then Tony stumbled on research data that showed temporary blinding of car drivers in bright sunlight caused many accidents (2000 + in the UK and 9000+ in the USA annually). From that point on on the company switched its priorities to developing a production quality device that would improve car driver visual comfort and provide enhanced safety in bright sunlight conditions. if Sunclipa could help save a life or at least if it helped driver  confidence whilst driving in sunny conditions all the hard work would be worth it. The development process is on going and other design versions of for Sunclipa are in the pipeline for cycling, tennis and other applications.  To this day Tony continues to wear his beloved prototype sunclipa (which he is attached to , literally!) with its space inside it for his prescription lens.

Sunlight and car drivers

Uncomfortable driving in the sun on a bright sunny day? Do you feel like the suns rays are overwhelming?   You are not alone: US highways research shows that the greatest number of weather related car accidents are caused by the driver being temporarily blinded by bright sunlight.  Beyond events like that the visual comfort of the driver is compromised.   Car visors work up to a point but you may agree that they are fiddly to position exactly as required . They also need to be adjusted when the direction of travel changes or when sunlight suddenly breaks through gaps in trees or other structures. Adjusting the visors quickly is not an ideal when the focus should be on the road ahead.  Rays coming from the side suddenly can be an issue too and are just as tricky to block

Sunclipa light blocking details

Don’t despair though, sunclipa anti-glare, anti-blinding  eyewear is now available! Sunclipa is a clip-on, wrap-around shade that blocks sunlight from unwanted directions  and yet lets you view wanted directions of the road ahead as you drive.  Its adjustable  to suit a large range of face sizes and eye to eye spacings. Blocking is automatic and immediate so there is no need to anticipate sudden flashes of bright sunlight reaching your eyes. The wrap around frames and shade are designed  for side light blocking too.  Wrap arounds need a bit of getting used to but you will soon wonder what you did to stop glare before  unclipa  came along.