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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Sunclipa Eyewear attachment do?

Its purpose is to provide visual comfort for car drivers and to reduce car accidents because it blocks bright light that would otherwise blind the driver in sunny conditions thoughout a car journey. Research studies show that temporary blinding of car drivers in bright sunlight causes over 2000 accidents in the UK and over 9000 accidents in the USA. Some of these accidents involve fatalities.  For more information refer to these links:-

What about cutting out glare from overhead road lights?

Yes it does that just as well as it provides anti-glare comfort for car drivers from the glare of overhead road lights.

Isn’t sunclipa eyewear for summer use only?

Although the sun is lower in the sky in winter its  glare can be just as distracting when driving so wearing sunclipa all year round is advisable.

It looks like Sunclipa clips onto a wrap around frame, doesn’t that affect peripheral vision?

Peripheral vision around and beyond 120 degrees total is in fact poor quality vision and just as likely to create false alarms rather than help see an object like a cyclist for example. The frame on which Sunclipa is attached is based on wrap-around sports glasses which have been tried and tested over many years. Sunclipa blocks the side light by being wrap-around too but it ends well within the frame extreme edges. Peripheral vision is not impaired. Whilst driving, it’s important to check wing mirrors periodically and Sunclipa for the reasons above allows you to do that in comfort. The advantage of Sunclipa is that you can look around and to the side whilst being protected from the suns rays.

So what is so special about Sunclipa Eyewear?

Unlike conventional sunglasses that work by partially filtering out sunlight, Sunclipa works as  compact, wrap-around 3D shade. It fully blocks light from unwanted directions as it has been designed to do so. Think of it as working like car a visor but with the great advantage of never needing to be adjusted or reached for quickly as the direction of travel changes. Also as the head is moved to check wing mirrors the eyes are protected from the blinding effects of the sun.

Why does the Sunclipa attachment have depth?

The wanted directions or points or interest are viewed through what are effectively tunnels. If you imagine being at the far end of the tunnel (rather at the near end) you will see a much wider view and therefore more chance of bright sunlight entering your eye.

Has Sunclipa undergone any independent tests?

Public users and Professional drivers such as chauffeurs have tested Sunclipa in a variety of sunny driving conditions and have reported that it works exceptionally well.  Dr Colin Fowler (Former advisor to a DVLA driver vision committee has also successfully tested Sunclipa.

What about the internal view within the car, is it dimished when Sunclipa is worn?

Because it has been designed not to block certain directions only, it allows a clear view of instrument panel and displays at all times. This is not the case with many conventional dark tint sunglasses which are not recommended by optometrists. Even polarised filters reduce the brightness of the internal view by 50% approximately.

Will Sunclipa fit everybody?

Sunclipa is a unisex product and has features to allow it to be adjusted to match the  eye to eye distance (IPD) and the head sizes of most people.

How is Sunclipa attached to the wrap-around frame?

Sunclipa has integral clips/claws that provide a secure attachment to the frames. It is readily removable as well.

Will the wrap-around frames fit securely to my head?

The frames have a spring action that fit snugly and comfortably on most head shapes. In addition, all eyewear packages come with rubber grips that can be attached to the frame arms for those who like extra support and security.

What is your policy on the use of environmentally friendly materials.

Sunclipa is made with recyclable plastics.   We are working to produce designs that will use primarily recycled materials.

What product versions and colours are available?

The Sunclipa attachment itself is any colour you like as long as its black! The internal colour is white. Our current frame range that we offer is blue/black red/black white/black and black. Several eyewear packages that include the frames and attachments are on the product range page of the Sunclipa eyewear website.

Are there any other applications for the Sunclipa eyewear attachment?

Yes indeed.  Sunclipa eyewear sports versions are due in late 2021 (sports product pages are under construction) and can be used for cycling, outdoor racquet sports,  baseball, cricket, clay pigeon shooting and volleyball to name but a few. Please enquire.

Finally answers to other random questions.

Why cant you stick on a simple flat black plastic shade on the front of the lenses/filter?

  • For effective sun blocking the shade needs depth and this allows a clear view of the wanted direction. The wanted directions or points or interest are viewed through what are effectively tunnels. If you imagine being at the far end of the tunnel (rather at the near end) you will see a much wider view and therefore more chance of bright sunlight entering your eye.
  • The idea is to block rays coming in from the side and one flat piece would not be effective, it would need to be bent at each end.
  • Also many people would not accurately know their IPD ( eye to eye spacing)
  • Once this shade is permanently fixed to spectacle frame you can no longer readily use the frame traditionally with other filters.
  • Also if its permanently attached to a frame it would need certification to become a legal product.

Isn’t Sunclipa over engineered?

No, not when one takes in all the points previously mentioned and particularly the IPD adjustment it offers the wearer.

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