Sunclipa Eyewear featured on Dragons Den 1st April 2021!

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Tony Messiou and his Sunclipa Eyewear featured on Prime time British TV Programme, Dragons’ Den on the 1st April 2021!

Sunclipa® is an anti-blinding, sun-blocking eyewear device for car, truck and lorry drivers.

It continuously blocks sunlight so that there is never any need to reach or adjust the vehicle sun visors – even if the direction of travel changes. Its design is unique in that it blocks light from unwanted directions, but the straight ahead view or view of the vehicle display is virtually undimmed and the level of light blocking can also be adjusted by the wearer.

Tony says of his time in the Den:

“As much as I love Deborah Meaden as she is one of my favourite Dragons, her comments in the Den were a bit off the mark in terms of Sunclipa. I believe she was actually expressing a dislike of wrap around sunglass frames rather than Sunclipa. Sunclipa doesn’t overhang the frames it clips onto. These wraparound sunglasses have been worn by cyclists for many years without any issues, Unfortunately the Den was in fact quite dark and not the best place to test eyewear. Having said that it was nice that at least one dragon Tej, decided to test it under the spotlight. I think anyone looking down on the floor with any type of sunglasses in that environment as Peter Jones did would see black! I left the Dragons samples for realistic trials of Sunclipa when driving and hope I can get some feedback.”

Notes to Editors

Covid did slow down production of Sunclipa which I did mention in the Den and the latest devices are far more attractive and streamlined. I thank the Dragons for their searching questions, as I utilised them to formulate FAQ answers on my Sunclipa-Eyewear website. Experts in eyewear and commercial drivers have tested Sunclipa and their reviews are more than positive.

Sunclipa Eyewear has progressed into mass production and has developed the design to another level from the prototypes shown on Dragons’ Den.

Latest production versions of sunclipa eyewear:

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